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среда, 19 ноября 2008 г.


I like to always think of things that are very different. I was imagining a house that could be wrapped around a person so only their legs and face stick out and they could walk along the street inside their house with it coiled around them. If they wanted to stop somewhere the house slips down and becomes a bed. The owner of the house can also stand on top of it and jump on it like a trampoline and get some exercise. They can be customize on the outside to suit the house owners personality or mood. A walking house can get together with other walking house and they can assemble themselves into structures and designs. become one big house and even a mansion depending on how many friends you have. They come with a unique feature they all have in common that allows them attach to one another. They can become one big house. Funny? I hope I am not confusing you. You could have wheel attachments and roll and can also float in the ocean.
They are able to make sounds depending on how you move and how fast you go so it sounds like music. They can stack up on each other and form a bridge or a design. Each one has a person inside. On the outside they can appear ancient or sexy. They come in colors and designs. The houses can form circles and have a community bathroom and refrigerator in the center. People can give them money to be entertained them. They can make themselves into shapes of dinosaurs elephants flying saucers.... . I really should be doing my homework instead of trying to invent weird houses that coil around a person and people can wear.
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