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суббота, 21 февраля 2009 г.

Longwood Gardens

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Mission Statement Longwood Gardens
Longwood Gardens is dedicated to
preserving the spirit and beauty of the early 20th century gardens of
Pierre S. du Pont. Longwood is a display garden promoting the art and
enjoyment of horticulture for the public, while providing opportunities
for research and learning. We are committed to excellence, good
management, and fiscal responsibility.

* Promote the art of horticulture.
* Preserve and enhance Longwood's historic character and emphasis on display.
* Maintain a commitment to excellence.
* Support the highest standards of health and safety.
* Make every visit an enjoyable, enriching experience.
* Provide learning opportunities in horticulture and related fields.
* Conduct research to support horticultural display.
* Uphold the highest ethical standards.
* Value diversity, creativity, open communication, and individual development.
* Maintain a sound fiscal condition independent of outside financial resources.
* Demonstrate leadership in natural resource management.
* Be a supportive, responsible member of the community.
* Share our knowledge and experience! мир беспорядочно усеян упорядоченными формами