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воскресенье, 14 сентября 2008 г.

What we stand for.
AiNIN believe that art in nature implies respecting nature, not using or abusing it for the sake of art. This means
a specific creation for each individual site whether it is in a rural, urban or social environment as an
alternative for the traditional presentation of art objects in museums, galleries and public spaces.
What members get.
A platform of encounter for sharing and developing ideas and opportunities for artists, organisers and
interested people. Calls for proposals for international art in nature events in the spirit of AiNIN, circulate
regularly by email, to members, who can also exchange details of their achieved projects, ideas and
Every member has one image, a short statement, his/her email address and a personal website link on the
AiNIN website. The website provides details of artists from the five continents in a variety of disciplines –visual
art, performance, music, written media, video, etc.-, together with details of members organising art in
nature events troughout the world.
The statement and image have to be sent to in the following formats: text of a maximum of 300
characters including spaces, and image in JPG/JPEG format (200x150 pixels).